What We Offer …

Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Check our calendar for more information.

All of our community classes provide a space to engage in activities that teach socialization, hands on learning, social skills development, and fitness. Through our diverse range of classes, participants not only have the opportunity to connect with others but also learn valuable skills while staying active and healthy. Examples of classes offered:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Book Club

  • Baking/Cooking

  • Drum Fit

  • Life Skills

  • Music

  • Social Skills

  • Technology

  • Weight Training

  • Yoga

  • Zumba

Our Community Partners

Anne Rogers
Stone Soup Yoga

Anne is our favorite yogi! In addition to being a licensed physical therapist, Anne runs a relaxing yoga class. Participants work on stretching, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques. She also is wonderful at providing adaptations to all poses so participants of all abilities can partake in her class.

Laurie Goodwill

Laurie is a speech therapist with extensive experience in music. She also plays in a local band. Laurie takes participants on a music journey, engaging them in various genres, rhythm, melody, pitch and tempo. Playing instruments and singing are also a part of this fun filled hour.

Karrie Frank
Book Club

Karrie is a retired special education teacher and runs our “Reading/Book Club” where participants not only get to work on their visual-perceptual and critical thinking skills, but are encouraged to use their imaginations to fully immerse themselves in the stories as well!

Kristen Killian

Kristen is the designer and owner of Kay Emm Creations. Teaching art combines her experience as a secondary educator with her skills as a lifelong artisan. Classes encourage individual expression and creativity across all media of art, including painting, textiles, sculpture, wood, and paper crafting.

Michael Todoro
Baking/Let’s Talk

Michael is a former special education teacher who teaches both our Baking and Let’s Talk classes. His outside-of-the-box approach to getting the participants to interact in a socially appropriate manner is the reason his class is the highlight of the week for many participants. Baking class includes home skill instruction and hands on preparation of seasonal baked goods such as breads, pies, cookies, cakes, and desserts.


Jennifer is a retired teacher who has a background in Life Skills teaching. She breaks down everyday skills into easy to learn techniques that foster a better understanding of life’s responsibilities. Participants enhance skills in money management, grocery shopping, housekeeping, and many other useful everyday tasks fostering their independence.


Alyssa brings us great, easy to make recipes that teach kitchen techniques and foster independent living skills. Each week participants learn to cook various breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes while learning math, food safety, time management, equipment use, and many other useful life skills. The best part, taste testing their creations.



Heather works for a global bank and has over 25 years of technology experience. She shares how computers can be used in every day life using various types of apps, platforms and technology.



Robyn is a professor of Management at a local college by day, but her passion is Zumba! She is an experienced fitness instructor who tailors her workouts with fun dance moves and song selections that get you moving. Participants have so much fun they don’t realize they are working on increasing their balance, strength and flexibility with each song!