Participant Guidelines


  1. Be Punctual.  Arrive to classes 15 minutes early.
  2. Be Respectful. All participants have a gift to appreciate.
  3. Hygiene.  Cleanliness is key. All staff are encouraged to help set up and clean up after all scheduled activities for their participant. Due to the cleaning agents being used, we ask that participants refrain from helping to sanitize areas.
  4. KALEIDOSCOPE OF WNY, INC. does not provide staff for participants. If you require a staff member, it is your responsibility to provide one.
  5. Bring a packed lunch daily. There is limited time to leave the facility for lunch.


Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc. is open to all individuals age 18 and older.


Each quality class has a purpose.

  • Foster Independence
  • Encourage Socialization
  • Promote Creativity
  • Ongoing Learning
  • And Have Fun!!


All concerns/suggestions should be sent to our email to be addressed. You may also use the Contact Us form on our website. We will respond to incoming email as soon as possible. Please do not call individual board members for these concerns.

Once you have joined our classes, you will be added to a group text. This is the fastest way to communicate important updates or changes to our classes. Please keep texts in this thread limited to Kaleidoscope related information. If you have a change to your email or phone number, please update us asap.


Medication cannot be administered by KALEIDOSCOPE OF WNY, INC.


No participant/staff may participate until the following online forms are completed: registration/medical form/photo release filled out COMPLETELY by responsible party. Aides must also complete the SDA form found online. If you get a new aide, please be sure to have them fill out the form asap.


While every effort will be made to avoid or correct a situation warranting termination, we have the right to terminate any participant at any time if we feel it is not in the best interest of the participant or Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc.


We, at Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc. feel that staff members are a KEY PART to the success of our classes.  They are a valuable extension of you! Some guidelines we strongly suggest are:

  1. Making sure they are on time so you can get to your class on time. Classes begin on time; we are not able to wait for latecomers to start.
  2. Bring a packed lunch daily. There is limited time to leave for lunch.
  3. No cell phone use – unless it is an emergency. If you must use your phone please step into another room or outside to avoid disrupting participants.
  4. No foul or off-color language.
  5. Appropriate dress.
  6. Continual POSITIVE guidance and assistance.  This helps facilitate your independence and participation in this program.


Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc.  bills on a monthly basis. For new participants, sign up for classes 2 weeks prior to the first of the month to reserve your spot. Our days fill up quickly and are on a first come first served basis. Invoices are emailed to each participant by the first of the month unless otherwise noted. Priority is given to those signing up for all classes. Due to our large size, if a new participant requests 3 days of classes, we will first ask our existing 1-day participants to switch to 3 days to fill the spot, if this is not desired at the time, their spot in class could be replaced by someone requesting 3 days.

Payment is due upon receipt. The only options for payment are: Online or via mailed check. Please do not bring payment to the Kaleidoscope building to avoid misplacement of your check.

Once payment is received, a paid invoice will be emailed (or received immediately for online payors) for reimbursement if you choose to submit it. If payment is not received by the 15th of the month, participant will be unable to attend further classes until it is paid and a late payment fee of 5% of your total invoice or $50 whichever is less will be assessed. If your check is returned, we will apply a $20 fee.

If paying by check, please remit payments to:
Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc.
c/o Beverley Britzzalaro, Treasurer
5616 Strickler Road
Clarence, NY 14031


Anyone exhibiting destructive or unmanageable behavior will be asked to leave the program.


Participants/aides are asked to stay home if they are exhibiting any sign of illness. It is your responsibility to contact our manager if you are going to miss a class.  If you will be missing class due to a vacation or appointment, please let us know as soon as possible via the group text.


If at any time your participant or aide experiences a medical emergency, 911 will be called first. We will notify the responsible party as soon as possible after we are sure the participant has the help they need. Your aide should know what your wishes are and how to help the participant should a medical emergency occur. We are not trained to assist with any medical situation.

This is a wonderful and unique program that relies on everyone working effectively together as a team. Our executive board works very diligently to keep this company running smoothly while assuring your participant has a wonderful experience. We do this for the betterment of this community with no compensation for our time. We will do our best to address your concerns once they are submitted to our confidential Kaleidoscope of WNY, Inc. email.